We specialise in the management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO), we already manage a number of HMO’s in London and we are actively looking for more HMO’s to supply the huge demand we have. We only look after high quality HMO’s.

If you own HMO’s and you are tired of the day to day management or if you are thinking of buying an HMO and would like help with finding quality tenants and managing the property then please contact us to see how we can help you have an enjoyable investment with maximum returns.

Managing multiple Tenants in the same property can be very challenging, it is imperative that it is delegated to experienced Professionals. However, once a HMO property is professionally managed then the results Landlords look for when investing in higher yielding property can be realised. 

The benefits of using our service:

Save you major hassle involved in Tenant Management

We will save your time and effort involved in managing multiple tenants -finding tenants, setting up tenancy agreements, as well as responding to maintenance queries, collecting rent and, above all, complying with all of the laws and regulations.

Save money through reducing maintenance cost

We will save you money by keeping abreast of repair issues. This will help in reducing your on-going repairs cost in the most efficient manner. We will track jobs, follow-up, report and do regular checks to ensure your property is well maintained at all times.

Receive maximum return from your investment

We will attract high quality tenants and ensure long term profitable cash-flow. Our goals is to have minimum voids but maximum gains.

Have control and visibility

We will ensure that you receive a monthly summary and detailed itemised transaction reports about all incoming and outgoing transactions of your property. You will receive all the right information to make timely informative decisions as you will get a clear view of your cash-flow every month.